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Shaw brothers movies on DVD
Hong Kong TVB Chinese TV series
Chinese Blu-Ray movies

Title Cast Order Price
All the Wrong Clues George Lam BUY $13.99
Ambitious Kung Fu Girl  (Region 3) Chen Kuan Tai Out of Stock $15.95
Beware Of Pickpockets Dean Shek BUY $10.99
Bewitched  (Region 3) Ai Fei Out of Stock $15.95
Black Lizard , The  (Region 3) Derek Yee Out of Stock $15.95
Bloody Parrot  (Region 3) Jason Pai Piao BUY $15.95
Brave Archer 3, The  (Region 3) Alexander Fu Sheng Out of Stock $15.95
Cannon Ball Run Jackie Chan Out of Stock $6.95
Challenge Of The Gamesters  (Region 3) Wang Yu BUY $15.95
Chasing Girls Dean Shek Out of Stock $6.95
Chasing Girls Dean Shek BUY $9.99
Cheerful Wind Anthony Chan Out of Stock $7.95
Clan Feuds  (Region 3) Ti Lung Out of Stock $15.95
Crazy Chase , The Lau Kar Wing BUY $9.99
Cream Soda & Milk Ngaai Dik BUY $9.99
Dreadnought  (Region 3 , 6) Yuen Biao Out of Stock $7.95
Duel Of The Century , The  (Region 3) Liu Yung BUY $15.95
Edo Porn  (Region 3) Tanaka Yuko BUY $12.95
Eijanaika  (Region 3) Tanaka Yuko BUY $12.95
Emperor And His Brother , The  (Region 3) Ti Lung BUY $15.95
Fake Ghost Catchers , The  (Region 3) Alexander Fu Sheng Out of Stock $15.95
Fate , The Chow Yun Fat Out of Stock $16.00
Gambler’s Delight  (Region 3) Danny Lee BUY $15.95
Heroic Cops  (Region 3) Chow Yun Fat Out of Stock $11.95
Hired Guns Phillip Ko Fei BUY $9.99
HitMan In The Hand of Buddha Hwang Jang Lee Out of Stock $15.95
House Of Traps  (Region 3) Chin Siu Ho BUY $15.95
Imp , The ( Remastered Version) Chun Cheung Lam Out of Stock $12.95
Job Hunter aka : On Trial (2DVD Limited Edition) Leslie Cheung Out of Stock $19.95
Laughing Times Karl Maka BUY $10.99

** Unless noted, all above DVDs are not region-coded and worldwide playback on any DVD players.

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Lost Bladesman , The
Lost Bladesman , The

By: Donnie Yen , Jiang Wen


Choy Lee Fut
Choy Lee Fut

By: Sammo Hung , Yuen Wah


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