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Shaw brothers movies on DVD
Hong Kong TVB Chinese TV series
Chinese Blu-Ray movies

Title Sorted by title Cast Order Price
Break Up Club  (Region A) Fiona Sit BUY $29.99
The Fantastic Water Bobes (Blu-ray) Alex Fong Lik Sun BUY $29.99
Love in Puff (Blu-Ray) Miriam Yeung BUY $25.99
Echoes Of The Rainbow Simon Yam BUY $25.99
Storm Riders , The (Blu-Ray DVD) Aaron Kwok BUY $26.99
La Comedie Humaine Chapman To Pre-Order $26.99
The Drunkard Chang Kuo-Chu BUY $29.99
Confession Of Pain  (Region A) Tony Leung Chiu Wai BUY $25.99
Vengeance  (Region A) Simon Yam BUY $25.99
Soundless Wind Chime Lu Yulai BUY $29.99
Breaking News (Blu-Ray) Kelly Chen BUY $23.99
Shaolin  (Region A) Andy Lau Back-Order $31.99
What Woman Want  (Region A) Andy Lau Back-Order $31.99
Detective Dee And The Mystery Of The Phantom Flame  (Region A) Andy Lau BUY $27.95
Everlasting Regret Sammi Cheng BUY $32.99
The Stool Pigeon Nicholas Tse BUY $29.99
Look For A Star (Blu-Ray) Andy Lau BUY $24.99
Enter The Dragon  (Region A) Bruce Lee BUY $32.99
Way Of The Dragon , The  (Region A) Bruce Lee BUY $32.99
Triple Tap (Blu-ray) Daniel Wu BUY $27.99
Days of Being Wild (Blu-ray) Maggie Cheung BUY $32.99
DreamHome (Blu-ray) Josie Ho BUY $32.99
Reign Of Assassins  (Region A) Kelly Lin BUY $29.99
Missing (Blu-ray)  (Region A) Angelica Lee BUY $33.95
Sparrow (Blu-Ray)  (Region A) Simon Yam BUY $33.95
Butterfly Josie Ho BUY $33.99
Monga  (Region A) Ethan Ruan BUY $33.99
Mulan  (Region A) Vicki Zhao BUY $33.99
La Lingerie (Blu-Ray) Stephy Tang BUY $33.99
Painted Skin (Blu-ray) Donnie Yen BUY $33.99
City Under Siege (Blu-ray)  (Region A) Aaron Kwok BUY $29.99
Let The Bullet Fly ( 2DVD)  (Region 3) Chow Yun Fat Back-Order $28.99
Lady Cop & Papa Crook (Blu-Ray) Sammi Cheng BUY $33.99
Perhaps Love (Blu-Ray)  (Region A) Takeshi Kaneshiro BUY $25.95
Short Of Love Race Wong BUY $34.99
Shinjuku Incident  (Region A) Jackie Chan BUY $34.99
The Banquet Zhang Zi Yi BUY $27.99
Kungfu Cyborg: Metallic Attraction Hu Jun BUY $29.99

** Unless noted, all above Blu-Ray Discs are not region-coded and worldwide playback on any Blu-Ray players.

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Lost Bladesman , The
Lost Bladesman , The

By: Donnie Yen , Jiang Wen


Choy Lee Fut
Choy Lee Fut

By: Sammo Hung , Yuen Wah


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