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Shaw brothers movies on DVD
Hong Kong TVB Chinese TV series
Chinese Blu-Ray movies

Title Sorted by title Cast Order Price
Road Less Traveled , The Louis Koo Pre-Order $22.99
Royal Tramp  (Region A) Stephen Chow BUY $24.95
Royal Tramp 2  (Region A) Stephen Chow BUY $24.95
Running On Karma  (Region A) Andy Lau BUY $22.99
Secret (Blu-Ray)  (Region A) Jay Chow BUY $35.95
Seven Days In Heaven Wu Peng Feng BUY $20.99
Seven Swords (Blu-Ray)  (Region A) Leon Lai BUY $33.95
Shamo (Blu-Ray) Francis Ng BUY $22.99
Shaolin  (Region A) Andy Lau Back-Order $31.99
Shinjuku Incident  (Region A) Jackie Chan BUY $34.99
Short Of Love Race Wong BUY $34.99
Sixty Million Dollar Man (Blu-ray)  (Region A) Stephen Chow BUY $24.99
Sniper , The (Blu-Ray) Richie Yen BUY $24.99
Soundless Wind Chime Lu Yulai BUY $29.99
Sparrow (Blu-Ray)  (Region A) Simon Yam BUY $33.95
SPL ( Sha Po Lang) (Blu-Ray)  (Region A) Sammo Hung BUY $35.95
Stephen Chow - A Chinese Odyssey Boxset (Blu-Ray)  (Region A) Stephen Chow BUY $47.95
Storm Riders , The (Blu-Ray DVD) Aaron Kwok BUY $26.99
Storm Warriors , The  (Region A) Aaron Kwok BUY $28.99
Sympathy For Lady Vengeance Young Ae Lee BUY $32.99
The Banquet Zhang Zi Yi BUY $27.99
The Drunkard Chang Kuo-Chu BUY $29.99
The Fantastic Water Bobes (Blu-ray) Alex Fong Lik Sun BUY $29.99
The Hidden Blade (blu-ray)  (Region A) Nagase Masatoshi BUY $29.99
The Legend Is Born - Ip Man Yuen Biao BUY $26.99
The Legend Of Wisely (blu-ray)  (Region A) Sam Hui BUY $24.99
The Master Jet Li BUY $22.99
The Road Less Traveled  (Region A) Louis Koo BUY $24.99
The Sky Crawler (blu-ray)  (Region A) Animation BUY $29.99
The Stool Pigeon Nicholas Tse BUY $29.99
Three Kingdoms: Resurrection Of The Dragon (Blu-Ray)  (Region A) Andy Lau BUY $35.95
Tiger On Beat  (Region A) Chow Yun Fat BUY $22.99
Tom-Yum-Goong  (Region A) Tony Jaa BUY $24.99
Triple Tap (Blu-ray) Daniel Wu BUY $27.99
Twentieth Century Boys - Chapter 1 (Blu-ray)  (Region A) Takako Tokiwa BUY $33.95
Vampire Warriors Jiang Lu Xia BUY $21.99
Vengeance  (Region A) Simon Yam BUY $25.99
Warlords, The (Blu-Ray)  (Region A) Jet Li BUY $35.95

** Unless noted, all above Blu-Ray Discs are not region-coded and worldwide playback on any Blu-Ray players.

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Lost Bladesman , The
Lost Bladesman , The

By: Donnie Yen , Jiang Wen


Choy Lee Fut
Choy Lee Fut

By: Sammo Hung , Yuen Wah


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