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Shaw brothers movies on DVD
Hong Kong TVB Chinese TV series
Chinese Blu-Ray movies

Title Cast Order Price
Dragon 's Claws Hunag Cheng Li Out of Stock $7.95
Dragon Chronicle The Maidens , The Brigitte Lin Out of Stock $7.95
Dragon Family Alan Tam Out of Stock $7.95
Dragon From Shaolin Sik Siu Lung BUY $7.95
Dragon Inn  (Region 1) Brigitte Lin Out of Stock $7.95
DragonBall - Magic Begins C. K Chan Out of Stock $7.95
Dreadnought  (Region 3 , 6) Yuen Biao Out of Stock $7.95
Dream Of Desire Frankie Chan BUY $7.95
Drunken Angels Toshiro Mufune Out of Stock $7.95
Dry Wood Fierce Fire Louis Koo BUY $7.95
Dumbly Agent Kent Cheng BUY $7.95
Eagle Shooting Heroes Brigitte Lin Out of Stock $7.95
Ebola Syndrome Anthony Wong BUY $7.95
Eighteen Springs Leon Lai Out of Stock $7.95
Emmanuelle In Hong Kong Suen Ah Lei BUY $7.95
End Of the Wicked Tiger Sammo Hung Out of Stock $7.95
Enjokosai Angel Grace Lam Out of Stock $7.95
Enter The Eagles Michael Wong Out of Stock $7.95
Eternal Combat Joey Wang Out of Stock $7.95
Eternal Evil Of Asia Ellen Chan Out of Stock $7.95
Eternal Love Alex Fong BUY $7.95
Every Dog Has His Date Nick Cheung Out of Stock $7.95
Everyday Is Valentine Leon Lai BUY $7.95
Evil Cat Lau Gar Leung Out of Stock $7.95
Exam, The  (Region 3) Tanaka Yuko Out of Stock $7.95
Executioners Michelle Yeoh Out of Stock $7.95
Expect A Miracle Daniel Chan Out of Stock $7.95
Expect The Unexpected Lau Ching Wan Out of Stock $7.95
Extreme Challenge Ken Chong Chi Yiu Out of Stock $7.95
Extreme Crisis Julian Cheung Chi Lam Out of Stock $7.95

** Unless noted, all above DVDs are not region-coded and worldwide playback on any DVD players.

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Lost Bladesman , The
Lost Bladesman , The

By: Donnie Yen , Jiang Wen


Choy Lee Fut
Choy Lee Fut

By: Sammo Hung , Yuen Wah


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