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Shaw brothers movies on DVD
Hong Kong TVB Chinese TV series
Chinese Blu-Ray movies

Title Cast Remark Price
A Queen's Ransom Chun Hung Oh DVD $10.99
All In The Family Tien Niu DVD $9.99
BackAlley Princess Sam Hui DVD $8.95
Bandits From Shantung Chang Yi DVD $10.99
Big Boss, The Bruce Lee DVD $7.95
Big Boss, The (Blu-Ray) (Region A) Bruce Lee Blu-Ray $34.99
Cheeky Chap , The Wai Baak DVD $10.99
Comet Strikes , The Nora Miao DVD $9.99
Fist Of Fury (Region 3) Bruce Lee DVD $8.95
Fist Of Fury (Blu-Ray) (Region A) Bruce Lee Blu-Ray $34.99
From Riches To Rags (Region 3 , 6) Ricky Hui DVD $6.95
Games Gamblers Play (Remastered Version) Michael Hui DVD $13.95
Happenings , The Cheung Gwok Keung DVD $10.99
Hellfire Angel , The Wong Yuen San DVD $10.99
Hello, Late Homecomers Chen Wei-ying DVD $10.99
Hurricane , The Nora Miao DVD $10.99
Invincible Eight , The Nora Miao DVD $9.95
Ironside 426 Jason Pai Piao DVD $9.95
Itchy Fingers Richard Ng DVD $10.99
Lady Killer , The Sylvia Chang DVD $10.99
Lady Whirlwind Chang Yi DVD $9.99
Last Message , The Sam Hui DVD $7.95
Making it Alan Tam DVD $10.99
Miracle Fighters , The Yuen Yat Choh DVD $7.95
Money Crazy Richard Ng DVD $7.95
Naked Comes The Huntress James Tien DVD $10.99
Postman Fights Back , A (Region 3) Chow Yun Fat DVD $15.95
Private Eyes , The Sam Hui DVD $14.99
Prodigal Son , The (Digitally Remastered ) (Region 3) Yuen Biao DVD $13.95
Protector , The Jackie Chan DVD $13.99
Spooky Encounters Sammo Hung DVD $13.99
Stoner Angela Mao Ying DVD $10.99
Super Fool Richard Ng DVD $10.99
The Angry River Kao Yuen DVD $9.95
The Body Is Willing Kenneth Tsang Kong DVD $9.95
The Himalayan Chen Sing DVD $9.95
The Tournament Carter Wong DVD $10.99
Warriors Two (Region 3 , 6) Sammo Hung DVD $7.95
** Unless noted, all above DVDs are not region-coded and worldwide playback on any DVD players.

Choy Lee Fut
Choy Lee Fut

By: Sammo Hung , Yuen Wah


Lost Bladesman , The
Lost Bladesman , The

By: Donnie Yen , Jiang Wen


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