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Macross 7 TV Part 2 DVD, Click to see original size image


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SKU #:6432
Title:Macross 7 TV Part 2
Media Format:DVD - NTSC
Region Code:All Regions
Studio: Anime Cartoon (MI)
Audio Spec:Dolby Digital Surround
Subtitles:English , Traditional Chinese
Price: US$27.95
Shipping Unit: 3
Remarks:3 DVDs Deluxe Box Set.

AD 2045. It's 35 years after the war with the Zentreadi. The Macross 7, a Macross class battleship with a long-distance colonizing fleet, encounters an unknown enemy during a mission. The enemy is the Protodevlin, an alien race that isn't interested in attacking or invading the Macross 7 fleet. Instead they aim to steal a life force called "Spiritia" that dwells within the bodies of humans and all other living things, including plant life. The Macross 7 ship is in two parts, Battle 7 and City 7. Battle 7 and all of the M7 fleet is commanded by none other than the super-ace pilot from Macross Maximillion Jenius. And the Mayor of City 7 is none other than ex-Zentraedi ace from Macross Millia Falina Jenius, now separated from Max. Along with them on the Macross 7 is Max and Millia's 7th daughter, Mylene Jenius. Who, getting tired of her parents fighting, has rebeled and joined a rock band called Fire Bomber in which she plays the bass guitar. Fire Bomber's lead vocalist and guitarist, Nekki Basara, is a pacifist who belives he can "touch anyone's heart" with his songs instead of having to fight them.

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