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Gundam - Mobile Suit Gundam MS 08th Team DVD, Click to see original size image


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SKU #:6271
Title:Gundam - Mobile Suit Gundam MS 08th Team
Media Format:DVD - NTSC
Region Code:All Regions
Running Time:305 Minutes
Studio: Anime Cartoon (MI)
Audio Spec:Dolby Digital Surround
Subtitles:English , Traditional Chinese
Price: US$27.95
Shipping Unit: 3
Remarks:3 DVDs Deluxe Box Set.
Episode 1-12 complete

A brave young Earth Federation ensign called Shiro Amada is sent to earth with some soldiers to join the 08TH platoon to fight the Zion armies who were still on earth, During his trip for earth they encounter a battle situation that they wouldn't have been mixed up with if not for Shiro's determination to save the GM pilot known as Sanders who was stuck fighting an improved Zaku-II with his damaged GM. Shiro goes to the rescue in a ball mobile suit wich isn't much of a match against a Zaku but he took the Zaku by surprise and saved the Federation pilots` life and falls in love with the (FEMALE) Zion pilot Ayna Sahalin who was piloting the Zaku test type. Now begins one of the most exciting Gundam stories to date and a truly amazing love story cought in this terrible war between the Zion and the Earth Federation armies. This particular Gundam series takes place on earth and for one is a very realistic series with superb and stunning animation that has the same old Gundam feel to it the characters are full of life and the series has at least 9-10 main characters between the Feds and the Zion. Yes GM's still get their ass kicked and now there are Ground type Gundams called RX-79(G) mass produced 20 or so of these cool Gundams. This series has most of the old mobile suits you're familiar with from the original Gundam series in addition to many cool new ones like the Gundams I just mentioned and Norris' Gouf Custom, Gouf flight types in addition to the secret Zion project created by Ayna's older brother the Apsaras project.

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