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White Night DVD

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Note: White Night DVD is regionally encoded to Region 3. Please refer to your DVD player's manual and be sure your DVD player plays this DVD when ordering. We cannot accept returns due to region incompatibility. Please contact us before ordering this title if you don't know what region code is.

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SKU #:20644 (10EDVD17)
Title:White Night
Starring: Sun Ye Jin , Han Seok Gyu
Aspect Ratio:Anamorphic Widescreen
Media Format:DVD - NTSC
Region Code: Region 3   White Night is ENCODED for Region 3. Click to see corresponding regions
(For Region 3 Compatible DVD Players only)
Running Time:135 Minutes
Studio: Joy Sales Films And Video Distributors
Production: 2009
Sale Price:Now Only US$16.99 (15% Off)
Shipping Unit: 1
Audio Spec:Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles:English , Traditional Chinese

A man recently released from prison is found brutally murdered. Tracing the murder back to a case from 14 years ago, the criminal investigation team consults Dong-soo, the detective who was in charge of the old case. Dong-soo instinctively senses that this recent murder is related to Yo-han, the son of the victim murdered 14 years ago. Si-young is an executive assistant to Seung-jo, the head of a conglomerate. Si-young is ordered to follow every move of Mi-ho, Seung-jo's fiance. Mi-ho seems perfect in every way, but little by little suspicious traces of her past are uncovered. And he notices someone haunting her like a shadow.
Si-young and Dong-soo come across each other at one point while tracking down each of their targets. They discover the horrifying truth of Yo-han's and Mi-ho's past; the suspect of the past murder was Mi-ho's mother and the victim was Yo-han's father. The lives of Mi-ho and Yo-han have traveled in opposite directions, one towards a bright light and the other towards a dark shadow. While Mi-ho now lives a new life, Yo-han is still stuck in a miserable darkness.
Mysterious murders that go back to 14 years

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