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The Gem of Life (English Subtitled) DVD

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SKU #:19904
Title:The Gem of Life (English Subtitled)
Starring: Gigi Lai , Moses Chan , Bowie Lam , Wong Chung Chak , Ada Choi , Maggie Shaw
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
Media Format:DVD - NTSC
Region Code:All Regions
Running Time:3690 Minutes
Studio: TVB
Production: 2008
Sale Price:Now Only US$65.60 (36% Off)
Shipping Unit: 4
Audio Spec:Dolby Digital
Dialogue:Cantonese, Mandarin
Subtitles:English , Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Remarks:11 DVDs 1-82 End

The story centers around three sisters: Sylvia (oldest), Constance, and Jessica (youngest). The series begins with Constance flying home on a plane. Her mother, SiuYau, had previously objected to her marriage so she eloped to Canada with her husband. However, Frankie is now financially unwell and wants a divorce. In order to keep him Constance hopes that Jessica, the wealthiest of the sisters, will lend her money so that her husband can open a business. What Jessica's family didn't know was that her husband, Patrick, is facing losses in their company. Sylvia and her husband Tim are also facing problems, their marriage is falling apart but Sylvia tries to keep it a secret from her family.

Jessica writes Constance a cheque so that she will leave. Their mother not only finds out Constance has returned, but that her Frankie is a cheater, and so she interferes. The cheque bounces, the adultery is exposed, and Constance is forced to accept divorce. Meanwhile, Tim is discovered to have another family, and SiuYau also exposes this adultery, causing Sylvia to divorce her husband as well. SiuYau is disappointed at the failures of her daughter's weddings, and praises Jessica for not only marrying well, but rich. Hearing this, Jessica helps Patrick seek rich tycoon Terrence out in hopes that he will invest in their company. Terrence initially agrees but backs out the last minute. As Jessica and her husband panic, Calvin inteferes. Like Terrence, Calvin owns an entertainment company and there has been a long rivalry between them as Calvin is disgusted by people who are born into the rich life, while he had to struggle in the streets before rising. Although he personally sets out to antagonize Terrence, Calvin secretly works for Martin, Terrence's father who wants his son to learn lessons in business as well as in life. Terrence and Calvin agree on a bet, if Terrence loses a boat race then he will have to invest in Patrick's failing company.

Unable to wait for the results, Jessica and her husband tricked Jessica's father into lending them all his money. Patrick then fakes death to stall his creditors, leaving Jessica with the financial burden. Despite the fact that Jessica is about to be bankrupted she continues to spend and go to balls. Constance catches her spending money at an expensive clothing shop and attempts to stop her from spending. She accuses Jessica of tricking her own family for money, and Terrence hears them bickering. Jessica leaves Constance in tears, questioning the importance of wealth she sees an expensive dress and tries it on. When she is about to leave the sales lady informs her that Terrence had bought the dress for her. Knowing Terrence is a player, Constance chooses not to dwell on it. Later, on the day of the boat race Calvin is disqualified for cheating and Terrence wins. Wanting to help Jessica, kindhearted Constance seeks Terrence and tries to convince him to invest in her sister's company. He ignores her request, and she ends up following him to his boat. However, there's a storm and she ends up stuck on his boat for 7 days. The magazines quickly publish the story, and she catches the attention of Derek, a poor man who falls passionately for her.

Bankrupted, Jessica moves back home with her family. She ends up working for Melissa who is close friend of Martin. One of her first major job assignments is to host the wives of some wealthy husbands. One of them, Mandy, plays a prank on Jessica, getting her to go on a boat ride with them and then leaving Jessica in the caves. Martin overhears Mandy talking about it and goes there to rescue her, and the two began dating even though he's older than her father. Nevertheless Jessica is happy, she had purposedly went along with the wives' prank in order to catch Martin's attention.

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