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SKU #:18839 (312707402019)
Starring: Dicky Cheung , Liu Yuk Ting , Lin Hsiao Lou
Director:Kuk Kwok Leung
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
Media Format:DVD - NTSC
Region Code:All Regions
Running Time:1600 Minutes
Studio: Tai Seng Video Marketing
Production: 2007
Price: US$49.95
Shipping Unit: 5
Audio Spec:Dolby Digital
Dialogue:Cantonese, Mandarin
Subtitles:Traditional Chinese
Remarks:1- 42 End

Swordsman I
After Shun , leader of the martial arts world , is mortally wounded , his disciples find a dead ringer in Mahn , a chef at a local eatery , to cover up Shun’s death . But Mahn wants no part in the power struggle and tries to get out it all .

Swordsman II
When a mysterious , masked one arm swordsman wreaks havoc by killing martial artists , all the top ranking swordsmen vow to capture him and reveal his true identity and intentions .

Swordsman III
After a terrifying massacre of the Shung Yeung Clan , its dying leader Yip hopes his son will take revenge , only to be devastated when his wife Lau gave birth to a Daughter instead , Undaunted , Lau decides to raise the daughter as a son and teaches her the way of the sword , so that Yip’s wish of revenge will be granted .

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