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SKU #:18823 (4893524191240)
Title:Mark Six Comedy
Starring: Emotion Cheung , Gloria Yip , Amy Fan
Director:Lin Da Wei
Aspect Ratio:Letter Box
Media Format:DVD - NTSC
Region Code:All Regions
Running Time:90 Minutes
Studio: Modern Audio (International) Ltd.
Production: 2004
Price: US$9.95
Shipping Unit: 1
Audio Spec:Dolby Digital
Dialogue:Cantonese, Mandarin
Subtitles:English , Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

Momoco, Ping, Christina, Judy and Ching Fung work in a production house. They have their own dream but need to achieve by money. One time, there is a Mark Six Jackpot that over $30,000,000. Each of them together with Kim Shui, the take-away boy and Tung, Momoco's friend to come up six numbers individually for this big lottery. Ping is the weakest amongst them. He responses to buy the lottery and the carryout. He puts the lottery ticket under the carpet in front of everybody when he backs to the office with the carryout. All of them work late in the office that night. From the evening news report, they learn the lottery draw result is the exact numbers that they bought. They win the 1st prize that over $30,000,000. They are very happy and dance madly. However, they cannot find the lottery ticket under the carpet. Everybody is under suspicion immediately.
Momoco swears to find out the lost lottery ticket with her logical mind. Christina tries to get the truth with the hypnotism, but she only gets the privacy and the argument between the people. All of them deny that they stole the ticket. Ping is very naughty. He makes a call to them in the washroom and claims that he is the guy who stole the ticket in order to cheat the people. But he found by the people. His behavior makes himself even more suspicious. They try every means to make him to tell the truth, but Ping insists that he is innocent. They threatened Ping to cut his tummy; eventually nobody could able to take the action. They blame each other. Judy hangs herself in the washroom after she is being insulted and she is died. Finally, Ping cannot take the pressure and admit that he has stolen the ticket. Judy gets up suddenly. In fact they lay a trap for Ping to tell the truth.
Ping takes out the ticket and tells them that he received a phone call after he bought the carryout and on the way to the Jockey Club yesterday…

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