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Stephen Chow - A Chinese Odyssey Boxset (Blu-Ray) Blu-Ray


Note: Stephen Chow - A Chinese Odyssey Boxset (Blu-Ray) is regionally encoded to Region A. Please refer to your player's manual and be sure your player plays this Blu-Ray Disc when ordering. We cannot accept returns due to region incompatibility. Please contact us before ordering this title if you don't know what region code is.

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SKU #:18417
Title:Stephen Chow - A Chinese Odyssey Boxset (Blu-Ray)
Starring: Stephen Chow , Athena Chu , Ada Choi , Karen Mok , Ng Man Tat , Yammie Nam Kit-ying
Director:Jeff Lau Chun-Wai
Aspect Ratio:Widescreen Full HD 1080P 1.78 : 1, 1.85 : 1
Media Format:Blu-Ray - NTSC
Region Code: Region A   Stephen Chow - A Chinese Odyssey Boxset (Blu-Ray) is ENCODED for Region A. Click to see corresponding regions
(For Region A Compatible Blu-Ray Players only)
Running Time:188 Minutes
Studio: Media Asia Distribution Ltd
Production: 1995
Price: US$47.95
Shipping Unit: 1
Audio Spec:Dolby Digital dts-HD Master Audio 6.1
Dialogue:Cantonese,dts-HD Master Audio 6.1,Dolby Digital TrueHD 6.1, Mandarin Dolby Digital Ex 5.1
Subtitles:English , Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean
Remarks:Trailer, Director Interview (Subtitled : Chinese & English)

Chinese Odyssey - Pandora 's Box:
Using the characters from the classic tale "Journey to the West," this movie has the Monkey King banished to human form awaiting his master, the Connectivity Monk, to return him to his god-like form. Of course, it just so happens that the expected reunion between the Monkey King and the Connectivity Monk will happen in Stephen Chow's village. When a pair of evil sisters come to the village looking for revenge against the Monkey King, you know Stephen will end up in the middle of it. A fun movie mixing legend and comedy, with some often inspired genius by Stephen and director Jeff Lau.

Chinese Odyssey 2 - Cindercela:
Pandora's Box has sent Stephen Chow back in time by 500 years. While he struggles to return to his wife, a goddess (Athena Chu) takes an interest in him. Stephen spends the movie trying to reconcile the past, the present, and his destiny as the Monkey King. Some nice special effects and an ambitious movie, but tries to do a little too much.

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