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SKU #:16566
Title:Face To Fate (English Subtitled)
Starring: Frankie Lam , Lam Fung , Yeung Yi , Serena Lee , Nancy Wu , Anne Heung
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
Media Format:DVD - NTSC
Region Code:All Regions
Running Time:1350 Minutes
Studio: TVB
Production: 2006
Sale Price:Now Only US$24.00 (36% Off)
Shipping Unit: 2
Audio Spec:Dolby Digital
Subtitles:English , Traditional Chinese
Remarks:4DVDs 1 -30 End

In the WuXia World, everyone knows Kung Fu, and usually, there are three types of peple: The Good, The Bad and anyone else in Between. The Good people are usually call themselve as 正道, in F2F, they call themselves 白道 (The White Force), they are the ones who suppose to fight the evil and bring the justice to the people. The Bad people are usually the demons who call themselves as 邪道, in F2F, they call themselves as 黑道 (The Black Force), these are the people who wants to bring the darkness to the world. The two forces are always in a war, in F2F, they are having a battle called the Golden Seal Battle.

The evil ones will always try to destroy the world, and the good ones will always try to stop the evil ones. There are also someone in between, they are the ones retire from the WuXia World, or they just don't want to be involved. In F2F, Frankie Lam and Raymond Lam are these types of people, who do not want to be involved, but ending up helping the White Force.

In the White Force, there are always a lot groups of people, who knows different styles of Kung Fu. Each group is very proud of itself, that's why the White Force do not like to work together a lot, unless the world is ending soon. In the Black Force, there are usually just one group of demons who listen to one boss and try to destroy the worldtogether.

The head of the White Force is the Flying Fish Village, John Chiang is the leader of the White Force. His best students are 四小飞鱼 (Four Small Flying Fish). In a war against the evil, the White Force and the Black Force will have the Golden Seal Battle every five years. Each force will select 5 people to represent its community. Whoever won the battle will control the WuXia World for the next 5 years. Over the years, the Black Force is getting darker and darker, and their goal is to destroy all the good people, and let the evil power control the world, this is what we called, 魔长道消 (Evil power in control over the good power, meaning the end of the world.)

In the White Force, the 5 people who suppose to represent the community got secretly killed, and here is why we have this series, Face to Fate. In order to participate in the battle, the White Force had to look for 5 more talented people to fight the Dark Force. Frankie Lam, the physiognomic; Raymond Lam, the doctor; Tavia Yeung, the third fish are on the mission to look for 5 talented guys.

During the mission, we also learned the story of each main character. Frankie and the Dark Force has a secret relationship, Raymond has a deadly disease that makes him looks older, Tavia is the daughter of the dark force, etc… As the story goes along, they finally found five more people, however, one of them was killed, so Frankie has to replace him.

Meanwhile, Raymond meets the love of his life, Selena Li, who also has a secret identity. Because of this secret identity, the White Force people do not like Selena. In fact, some stupid guy hurt Selena so bad, and that totally drove Raymond mad. As a result, Raymond became the dark force to fight against Frankie.

Can the dark force succeed with Raymond's help? Can the White Force wake up with Frankie's help? Can Tavia control the world? Watch the series, and you will know

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