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Note: Red Shoes DVD is regionally encoded to Region 3. Please refer to your DVD player's manual and be sure your DVD player plays this DVD when ordering. We cannot accept returns due to region incompatibility. Please contact us before ordering this title if you don't know what region code is.

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SKU #:13089 (4895050873300)
Title:Red Shoes
Starring: Kim Hye Soo , Kim Sung Joo
Director:Kim Yong gyun
Aspect Ratio:Widescreen
Media Format:DVD - NTSC
Region Code: Region 3   Red Shoes is ENCODED for Region 3. Click to see corresponding regions
(For Region 3 Compatible DVD Players only)
Running Time:103 Minutes
Studio: Panorama Entertainment
Production: 2005
Price: US$13.95
Shipping Unit: 1
Audio Spec:DTS ES / Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles:English , Traditional Chinese

Sun-joe, on eye-doctor-turned-housewife finds her cold, inattentive husband cheating on her. Abandoning her affluent suburban life, she moves into a decrepit studio apartment with her six-year-old daughter Tae-so. Preparing to resume her medical career. Sun-jae is befriended by on interior designer, in-cheol.
Her life, however, plunges into an abyss of paranoia and nightmare offer she picks up a pair of pink shoes lying about inside a subway car. not only have this pair of shoes apparently performed wholly unnecessary amputation surgeries on the select individuals foolish enough to wear them. they also become objects of unhealthy obsession for the ballet-dancing tyke Tae-soo and Sun-jae's dearest friend. Soon mother and daughter behave weirdly about the possession of the high-heeled monstrosity and her friend tragically dies of the shoe-theft. After a series of strange events have taken place, Sun-jae starts to doubt about the curse of the shoes. In order to protect her daughter and herself, she decides to find out the truth behind the RED SHOES.

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